Block System

The Kagoshima Prefecture Block System is a regional support system based on geographical proximity, with each of the designated blocks headed by a Block Leader. Kagoshima is one of the largest prefectures in Japan, and block leaders are a key component of the crisis prevention and disaster awareness system. Kagoshima is divided into 11 blocks, as shown below.

block system map

Block Leaders are experienced, volunteer JETs who can answer basic questions about their local areas. They provide emergency information in the event of natural disasters, and are responsible for contacting JETs following a disaster to ensure everyone’s safety. 

The Block Leaders for the 2020-2021 JET year are:

  • Kagoshima City (Prefectural) – Lydia Emory
  • Kagoshima City (Municipal) – Melissa Phineus
  • Hioki – Ali Asghar
  • Sendai – Alexis Reed
  • Kirishima – David Dumbleton
  • Izumi – Leanne Lau
  • North Ōsumi – Daniel Alderink
  • South Ōsumi – Ruani Visser
  • South Satsuma – Matilda Grandage
  • North Islands – Jake Blackburn
  • South Islands – Jake Oribello